7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Shampoo Bar

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Shampoo Bar

Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to wash your hair? You can get great results with a shampoo bar! With the right know-how, you can get a foamy lather and shine while nourishing your scalp and protecting your hair. Here are seven tips on how to get the most out of your shampoo bar.

Properly Prep Your Hair Before Washing.

Whether washing your hair with a regular shampoo or a shampoo bar, be sure to prep your hair and give it a good brush. This helps loosen any tangles or knots, making them easier to work through with the shampoo bar. Brushing your hair when dry means less brushing required when it's wet and more vulnerable to damage. Additionally, if your hair is particularly dry, apply some hair oil to the hair and scalp beforehand for around 5-10minutes or longer if possible to help lock in the moisture and keep it hydrated and soft. Shampoo bars are typically made with oils making them more nourishing than regular shampoo which contain approximately 70% water.

Rub the Bar Directly to Your Scalp and Hair.

Once your hair is prepped and ready, it’s time to start using the shampoo bar. Using a shampoo bars, like regular shampoo are best used on wet hair. To really get the most out of the product and maximize its lather and hydration properties, rub the bar directly onto your scalp and hair. This will help evenly distribute the product and ensure thorough cleansing from root to tip and work in the oils contained in the product. When the shampoo is applied then massage the product in to your hair and scalp for best results.

Use Warm Water to Maximize the Benefits.

Heat helps unlock the benefits of a shampoo bar by making the bar lather more. Before lathering, run your hands under warm water and then apply pressure with your fingertips as you rub the shampoo bar across your scalp and hair. The warmth from the water will help to activate the ingredients in the product, resulting in an even richer lather.

Embrace the Rinse-and-Repeat Method.

For those that like to double cleanse, don’t worry about making multiple lathers, a good shampoo bar won't cause dryness. Simply rinse off the shampoo bar after the first lather and then apply it again for the second one. This will leave it feeling clean and soft.

Finish with a Cool-Water Rinse to Seal in Moisture.

To finish off your shampoo bar routine, give yourself a final rinse with cool water. Cool water helps to close the hair cuticles and prevents further moisture loss from the hair shaft, allowing you to keep all of that extra hydration in. Since these bars are typically so moisturising, a good cool-water rinse will help you lock in those hydrating benefits even more intensely.

Keep Your Bar Dry.

When your shampoo bar is not in use, always ensure that it is kept in a dry condition with good airflow around it to prolong its life and prevent it from going soft. Typically the best shampoo bars last a lot longer than regular shampoo and will give your more washes when stored correctly.

Pop it in Your Bag.

The handy size and shape of shampoo bars makes them portable when travelling around. Perfect for those quick getaways without having to carry a bulky bottle of shampoo that has the potential to leak.

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