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What are the benefits of Panthenol

Is Panthenol good for hair?

Panthenol is a cosmetic ingredient also known as pantothenol or pro-vitamin B5 (it becomes oxidised in the skin to vitamin B5, a constituent of coenzyme A). Vitamin B5 is found in all living cells and is essential for normal metabolism. Panthenol is very well tolerated by skin and has many reported skin benefits.

Panthenol is water soluble and has humectant properties meaning that it draws moisture in making it a great conditioner for both hair and skin. Panthenol used in hair care can show benefits on both the skin on the scalp and through the hair itself, giving a synergistic effect in helping to gain healthy hair growth with regular use.

Skin benefits

Panthenol has been shown to improve skin hydration, improving dryness and scaling. It also protects against irritation by improving the skin barrier as it readily penetrates the most outer layer of skin, the stratum corneum, leading to an increase in skin lipid synthesis and thus forming a stronger skin barrier. Panthenol is reported to have a soothing or anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

In combination with this of course, it is important to choose cleansers which do not disrupt or damage the skin barrier for optimum results.

Hair benefits

With regular use of hair products which contain panthenol, the texture of damaged hair can be improved with an increasing suppleness and shine. Panthenol adheres strongly to the cuticle and penetrates deep into the hair shaft, improving the resistance of the hair to mechanical stress.

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