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Why switch to solid shampoo bars?

Why people are switching to a bar of shampoo

Here at Beauty Favours, we’ve made the switch to our unique solid shampoo bars, and we hope you will join us too. Below is our guide on how to use them, what the benefits are and why we think you’ll love them.

Bars of shampoo are becoming more popular as one of the go to simple switches to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We’ve noticed that there is a wide range of diversity in the formulations as they become more advanced and truly believe that our hair feels so much better too which is a big reason to give them a go.

How to use a shampoo bar:

Beauty Favours shampoo bars are made with a concentrated blend of mild surfactants which gives a rich and creamy lather. To use them, we suggest swiping the bar directly over wet hair to generate the lather and then massaging the lather into the roots using your fingertips to cleanse and care for the scalp too before rinsing thoroughly. Follow with your usual conditioner.

In between washes, keep the solid bar dry to maintain it in top condition and prolong its life, we suggest standing the bar on its side on a dry surface.

As you get towards the end of the bar, you may find the bar breaks and is too small to use for long hair, we’ve accounted for this by adding an extra couple of grams of shampoo bar to the product. These small leftover pieces are perfect for using up as a hand wash, and preventing any waste product.

Overall Benefits:

Shampoo bars are formulated without water or with much less water than liquid shampoo meaning that they are already better for the planet, and the solid nature of the shampoo bar means that there is no need to contain the bar in plastic packaging, again, saving on water which is also used to make plastics in the first place. We know that glass containers are a hazard in the bathroom too, which leaves very little options when it comes to our bath and body shower products, the concept of a shampoo bar helps to resolve this problem. These small compact bars also provide less clutter in the bathroom for those who prefer a minimalistic look.

In contrast, solid soap bars have been around for a long time, and these are great in the bathroom and perfect for hand washing but not so great on hair due to the high pH of the soap in the product, so always check that your shampoo bar is not a soap based bar. You can check this in the ingredients list e.g, saponified coconut oil is listed as sodium Cocoate, Olive oil is listed as Sodium Olivate and so on…

A shampoo bar is packed with cleansers, oils and actives which means there is no paying for products which are mainly made up of water. They are likely to last much longer than liquid shampoo too, giving better value for money.

Due to their solid nature, shampoo bars are travel friendly, they can easily be transported without taking up too much space and without fear of leakage.

With all the benefits of a shampoo bar taken into account, we believe that it is worth giving them a go at least, and to see if you would prefer the switch too!

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