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Why you should be using beard shampoo?

Beard Shampoo Bars Are the Newest Trend for Men

Using a Beard Shampoo Bar is a great way for keeping your facial hair clean and looking good. They also provide an easy way to wash your face without having to use soap which can dry skin and leave a residue in your beard which can build up over time.

They Are Waterless

Using solid shampoo bars and beard shampoo bars can help the environment as unlike regular shampoo they don't contain water. This means that not only are they are lighter to transport meaning lower Co2 emissions, they last much longer than liquids. Part of the reason for solid bars being generally better than liquids is because they contain more oils which help to moisturise and protect skin, opposed to the dehydrating effect that water based products can have. Where a large percentage of liquid shampoos is water, this is replaced by nourishing oils.

They Have Great Results

As mentioned due to being waterless, beard shampoo bars have more oils which keep your hair more hydrated but also manageable. Not only do they cleanse and clean very effectively but they put moisture back into the hair and skin. By using a good beard shampoo bar you can potentially reduce the amount of other products that you would need to use such as conditioner and beard oils due to the fact that these ingredients are already part of the bar. That's is not to say that they can't also be used in addition to enhance your results for manageable, healthy hair and beard.

Beauty Favours beard shampoo bars are made with gentle but effective cleansers and oils that help keep your beard soft and manageable. They work well as part of your daily grooming routine because they leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Our Charcoal & Tea Tree Solid Shampoo & Beard Wash contains Organic Tea Tree Oil which is an anti-inflammatory known to help treat minor skin conditions. Charcoal is known for its detoxification properties which helps cleanse, meaning that it can remove oils and toxins to ensure healthy hair and skin without making you beard and hair feel dry. The activated charcoal that we use in our products actually comes from coconuts that would otherwise be a waste product, making them more environmentally friendly.

The best thing about Beauty Favours beard shampoo bars is that they have a very pleasant scent and leave your beard soft and clean. They also contain natural ingredients which are kind to the skin and hair. Our shampoo bars can help to promote a healthy scalp due to the mild surfactants that we use in our products, unlike many regular shampoos which can cause itching and irritation. Our bars also contain Panthenol which can improve the texture of hair, read more about the benefits of Panthenol here.

How often should I wash my beard?

It depends from person to person how often you should wash your beard but generally every 2 to 3 days is probably a good idea to ensure that your beard stays in the best condition. When maintaining healthy hair it is important to let the natural oils work so washing every day is not ideal unless there is a need to do so. In the case that you do need to wash your hair and beard daily, then picking a suitable product that will not dry out your hair is all the more important.

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